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Главная » 2020 » Апрель » 23 » The General Secretariat of Sport recognizes the merits of 3 Solsona athletes in 2017
The General Secretariat of Sport recognizes the merits of 3 Solsona athletes in 2017

The General Secretariat of Sport has recognized 149 athletes from Lleida, 12 teams and two clubs that achieved outstanding success during the 2017 academic year in their respective specialties in competitions at Catalan, state and international levels. This group includes Marc Márquez and Paula Juste, who received the award as the best Lleida sportsmen of the past year.

The act, which was held last Thursday, October 11, at the Gran Teatro de la Passion in Cervera, was chaired by the Secretary General of Sport, Gerard Figueras; the territorial delegate of the Government of the Generalitat in Lleida, Ramon Farré, and the mayor of the municipality, Ramon Royes. The territorial representative of Sport in Lleida, Joan Segura, has also taken part, among other authorities.

Of the 149 individual awards, 93 corresponded to male and 56 female athletes, which belong to 64 clubs and entities -51 of which in the same territory of Lleida- and correspond to 34 sports disciplines or federations. In 2017, 125 of these athletes were first in the Championships of Catalonia, 183 made podiums in the Spanish Championships (57 hung gold medals), 7 made podiums in the World Championships and 19 were in the first three places in European championships.

The Solsona sportsmen awarded were:
Sancho Ayala Abad - 1st in the Spanish Championship in athletics master in 10 km en route (Athletics)

Albert Cardona Novas - 2nd in the Spanish Senior Cross Country Championship (Motorcycling)
Marc Malé Estany - 1st in the Catalan Salmon Salmon Launched Championship (Fishing) 

Distinguished sportsmen and clubs in Cervera were Marc Márquez and Arnau Farré (motorcycling), Pierre Oriola (basketball), Arnau Erta (athletics), Nuncio Rodríguez and Jos steroides-fr.net é Miguel Triquell (Olympic shooting), Ferran Julià (swimming), Joel Lee (taekwondo), Sílvia Mestre (bodybuilding), the Borges Blanques Tennis Club or the Escuderia Lleida (motorsport), among others. All the awarded sportsmen and teams were given a reproduction of a lithograph by the Impressionist painter based in Lleida Isidre Mercadé (1912-2001), entitled "Castellers i chess".

As a novelty this year, the Generalitat awarded, apart from the previous awards, six special prizes to the best athletes in Lleida in 2017, which have been for Marc Márquez (motorcycling) -Best male athlete; Paula Juste (swimming) -Best female athlete; Aleix Porras (Athletics) -Best Promised Young Male Athlete; Laia Bonilla (Padel) - Best Young Promised Female Athlete; Pol Puiggener (skiing) -Best athlete with other male abilities, and Marta Jové (gymnastics) -Best athlete with other abilities.

On the other hand, and also for the first time, an acknowledgment was made of three sports feats achieved by competitors from Lleida. This is the Best feat of an athlete with other abilities, awarded to Pol Puiggener, for his second place in the World Winter Games Special Olympics in cross-country skiing, and the Best sports milestones, which have fallen to the AEM female, champion of the Second Catalan Children's Division of football, and the Vila-sana Hockey Club, for the promotion to the OK Women's League in roller hockey.
Finally, the Generalitat awarded a posthumous award for the dedication and sports career to the figure of Bernabé Hernández, and commemorated the 25th anniversary of the rise of the Lleida Lleida to First Division of football.

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